MOOZAK, founded in spring 2008 in vienna, is a record-label for experimental music with heart and soul and aims at sounding the borderlines of musical expression.

We are into ambient, noise, improvisational music, electroacoustics and many other subgenres and would like to broaden your musical perception with a carefully selected release policy.


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Moozak is 10 years old. This calls for celebrations:
20. & 21.10.2017
START: 18:00 SHARP! / END: ~22:00
10 Jahre Moozak
LIVE LINEUP 20.10. 18:00 - 22:00
Wolfgang Fuchs & Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Dieb13
Agnes Hvizdalek
ff (Michael Fischer & Peter Koger)
Jakob Schauer & Monocolor
Markus Taxacher & Moritz Scharf
LIVE LINEUP 21.10. 18:00 - 22:00
Canned Fit
ZVA - Zentrale Versuchsanstalt (Karl Salzmann, Thomas Wagensommerer, Paul Gründorfer)
Benjamin Tomasi & Eloui
Plankton (Patrizia Ruthensteiner & Stefan Voglsinger)
Bernhard Loibner
LED-Light Installation by Uli Kühn, with thanks to Philip Röttl
With awesome community support by VELAKZentraleSignal ZirkuS, Klyelehof13Steinergasse 8 and many more!

Kindly supported by Bezirk Hernals

Poster by Offfen & Clemens Hausch
More information at the facebook event page 10 Jahre Moozak!

Starting from today all Moozak releases are now available through our bandcamp page! to celebrate this there is a 10% discount offer on all releases, effective from today till sunday 18th of june 2017, 24:00! Just enter the code "BORDUN" while checking out! :)
Moozak @ Bandcamp

The latest and greatest Moozak release is available for sale now on tape: Imperfect by Juan Antonio Nieto! It comes in handmade covers that are customly designed and composed of multiple layers of lasercut 300g cardboard, all assembled by hand and available in 8 tasty colours! Download codes are included with eacht tape!
The beauty of errors, asymmetry and imperfection are the defining features of "Imperfect", the latest release by Spanish sound artist Juan Antonio Nieto on the Viennese label Moozak. Often discarded or corrected, digital errors represent an inexhaustible source of sounds and unique and unrepeatable structures. "Imperfect" is an orderly chaos, a collection of reworked improvisations, in which some very obvious and other almost imperceptible errors give the work an essentially non-repeatable character.

In these highly abstract digital compositions structures of crystalline sharpness and rough Lo-Fi noise are contrasted - occasionally supplemented by Drones, which evoke a vague reminder of harmony. Filled with buzzing, crackling, sizzling and hissing sounds Imperfect sketches sceneries that do not suggest a natural origin, but evoke a credible alternative reality through their complexity - like a glitch anti-world that exists beyond our familiar environment and which we allow to break through into our domain in order to fill the space around us for 46 minutes.


A new Moozak release is close: CONDOR by Luis Conde and Wolfgang Fuchs will be released as 7" vinyl limited to 80 copies. It will be presented on 8th of june during KLUB MOOZAK edition #84, featuring Wolfgang Fuchs playing live at fluc, while Luis Conde will take a telepresence transmitted live from argentinian radio. The will be supported by the canadian/icelandic composer Fjóla Evans, Veronika Mayer and Lale Rodgarkia-Dara. Save the date!


Starting from today, 1st of december 2015, HAPPY END by Bruckner aka Didi Bruckmayr & Bernhard Loibner is available through our online store! The release comes as limited edition vinyl of 100 hand-numbered copies, and features silkscreen-printed cardboard sleeves in three flavours of colour: Yellow & Green, Orange & Green and Dark Red & Green.
MZK#009Included with the purchase is a download code for the full release, plus three bonus remixes by Mussurunga (aka Didi Bruckmayr & Sigi Aigner), as well as free worldwide shipping! Grab your copy here: HAPPY END

Tomorrow, 28th of october, ist the big day: Happy End by Bruckner will be presented in the course of Klub Moozak #78 at fluc vienna!
The viennese synth manufacturer kindly provided Bernhard with an analogue modular system that he will play live at the performance!
As a second act Bruckner will be supported by Hobocombo from Italy.
Don't miss this!


Two weeks ago we proudly took part in Ars Electronica's Internet Yami Ichi! Among various goodies we had a special release in our backpack: the single "further" by Bruckner aka Didi Bruckmayr & Bernhard Loiber in book form, in 220 page hex glory per channel - bearing the catalogue number KAZOOM#006!
Now the album release date is nearing: 28th of october will see the release party in fluc / vienna - international release is on december 1st! this time in good old vinyl!
Save the date!

The release date for Δf by Bandwidth + Gerri JÄger is nearing!
Preorders are up, and you can get your copy for a reduced preorder price of 10€ incl. worldwide shipping!
The tapes come in tasty blue and yellow colors! We'll send you a message and ask for your color preference when you order. ;)
Preorder here:

Listen to samples from the release here:


A new MOOZAK release is waiting for you around the corner! And this time it's a tape! Δf by French DUO BANDWIDTH featuring the austro-dutch drummer Gerri Jäger will be out on 26th of november, with a big release party at KLUB MOOZAK / FLUC VIENNA!
Stay Tuned and watch this space!!

Dom Sessions by Astma is finally available for purchase!
It comes in hand printed cover sleeves - each and every copy is unique this way!
Time limited offer - valid till october 12th:
get your copy for 10€, INCLUDING worldwide shipping !

Here's a little cover slideshow with audio excerpts to wetten your appetite:

The time is ripe for a new moozak release: DOM SESSIONS by russian duo ASTMA (Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova), featuring the finnish musician Anton Nikkilä. All discs feature hand printed covers.
MZK#007 While the Official release will be in september, those of you living in vienna will be able to grab a copy tomorrow, 14th of august AT the Salon Skug concert series IN vienna's rhiz bar.

Listen to excerpts here:


New reviews of "Closing In" by Mountain Black can be read here:
MZK#006 Reviews


Finally: Closing In by Mountain Black is here!
Get your copy for just 12€ (incl. worldwide shipping!) - time limited offer till 21st of October!
Listen to some audio snippets from the cd here:


Once again Moozak Festival was a great success. Thanks to all helpers, supporters and of course guests for attending.
In case you missed it: look at these great photos by Markus Gradwohl:


An interview with Moozak's Clemens hausch and Gerald Krist was published on musicaustria: read it here!


Only 1 week to go! Only 1 Week to go: MOOZAK FESTIVAL 2013 is nearing!
We will present a wide range of musical flavours, an exhibition area, and - for the first time in the history of moozak festivals - workshops and lectures!
If you're interested in participating please send us an email if you're interested in taking part in the workshops! Registration is not mandatory, but will help us evaluate the interest.
Read the full press release here.


MOOZAK FESTIVAL is nearing, and we're happy The Festival Posters have finally arrived! check them out in full glory:


Soon the wait is over - Prepare for the new moozak release: Closing In by Mountain Black will be released on 1st of october 2013!
Listen to some audio snippets from the cd here:


The festival webpage is now online at
MOOZAK FESTIVAL 2013 early bird tickets are still available for 20€ till 31st of july!!! grab yours now at jugendinfo
MOOZAK FESTIVAL 2013 will be headlined by Robert Henke on wednesday and COH + Tina Frank on thursday! don't miss this!

We're happy to announce that Moozak Festival 2013 will be headlined by Robert Henke and Сон / RETRO-2038
early-bird tickets are available for a reduced price of 20€ till 31st of july!
Grab your ticket at Jugendinfo Wien